Mia Bradley, from Bushey, whose son Jack, seven, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in February 2017, says Camp Simcha’s presence in their lives has mitigated the feeling of isolation that Jack’s condition brought.

“We came home from hospital after he had been diagnosed, armed with books and equipment, feeling scared and alone,” says Mrs Bradley.

“Even though you know you are not the only one, it doesn’t feel like that, but the minute Camp Simcha came into our lives we didn’t feel alone any more. Not only did we have an amazing FLO, who I could just talk to whenever I needed, but it also enabled us to meet other parents in the same situation.

“Now I feel there are so many people I can turn to. With the support group, you can have a situation where you don’t know what to do and usually another parent will have a suggestion.

“For Jack, the parties and outings are fantastic and he also gets visits from a Camp Simcha volunteer with her dog Lola which he loves. Jack has moments when he gets fed up and says ‘How long will I have to do this?’ or ‘When will there be a cure?’

“But then when he gets to go to a Camp Simcha event or Lola visits and he gets to feel there is an up to balance the down.”