How we support

Camp Simcha makes a difference by bringing hope, joy and support to families devastated by serious childhood illness

Our mission is to ensure that no such child or their family anywhere in the UK has to cope without our help

Camp Simcha provides 23 practical, emotional and therapeutic support services to the whole family , offering a bespoke package of care to more than 1,500 family members in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Gateshead, Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham and Norwich, and reaching another 12,000 children through our hospital outreach programme.


In the middle of a medical crisis, the last thing a family can think about is making sure there’s a hot meal on the table, but that’s often one thing they really need. Our Family Liaison Officers know what they need to get them through dark days, often before they themselves do. Whether it is a lift to hospital when parents are juggling multiple appointments with the needs of their other children, or overnight respite for a much-needed break, we are always there to lighten the heavy load.


Each member of the family may struggle with different emotions when a child has a serious illness, and often they need a safe space to process these feelings.

Whether it’s through counselling, talking to their FLO or via our range of therapeutic art activities, Camp Simcha can help each family member to find a way to deal with the difficult emotions they are feeling.

Events & Outings

Bringing fun and laughter to seriously ill children and their siblings makes a huge difference and can give them strength to face the daily challenges ahead. We believe the power of positive experiences, such as parties, retreats and outings, can have a hugely therapeutic impact for children dealing with difficult treatments and siblings struggling with worry and unsettled family life. Our aim is to ensure that for the children we support, today’s treat should be more important than tomorrow’s treatment.


When parents are facing the unimaginable, often only other parents going through something similar can understand how that feels. Our support groups for parents of children with diabetes, was established to provide this kind shared understanding, support and advice.

We also run groups for siblings to give them a space to share their feelings including after school club and art groups.

If we have had a significant stay at hospital and exhaustion has kicked in, our FLO will organise some food, making our first evening home more bearable. Although this appears a small gesture on paper, it means so much to us as a family, that Camp Simcha is able to provide that little bit of respite at the end of a difficult few days. It’s just a relief when someone else takes the pressure off or does the practical stuff for you.

Camp Simcha parent
In the last year...
  • 10,000
    hours of care provided by our 13 Family Liaison Officers
  • 2,400
    hours of respite care provided to parents of seriously ill children
  • 330
    family members attended our residential retreats
  • 3,000
    children and parents attended 25 events and outings.