1. Please tell us about your time with Camp Simcha

Camp Simcha was a very important part of my life for about 10 years.  It began when I was 18 years old in yeshiva in Israel in 1998. I got involved with Camp Simcha USA and went to their summer camps for a few years.  Then I spoke to Meir & Rachely about Camp Simcha UK and got involved.  I flew in for the first retreat and continued my involvement when I moved back to London.  Most Sundays we visited families and arranged outings with the kids and we were very close to them.  I also got to take the English group to summer camp in the USA for several years.

2. Do you have a favourite memory or highlight?

I’d have to say my highlight was the first retreat.  I had experience of the USA camps which were incredible but our first retreat with only 10 families in Norwich was fabulous.  It was amazing that we made it happen!

3. Where are you now?

After I got married, I continued to volunteer and go on Camp Simcha outings together with my wife Leah.  We now live in Israel with our 5 kids.  I’m still as involved as I can be and have flown back to attend fundraising dinners and I’m still in touch with the adults who were then the kids we took out and visited.

4. What do you think about Camp Simcha Alumni?

It’s remarkable to see how Camp Simcha has developed since the early days when there wasn’t even an office!  I am so happy there is now Camp Simcha Alumni to keep us all connected.