get involved

We’re always keen to get committees involved in fundraising ideas

From nights out to themed events and team challenges, our committees have provided a creative array of fundraising activities and we are always so grateful for their efforts.

If you’d like to set up or become part of a fundraising committee, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to kick off your fundraising ideas today!

Here are a few examples of our current committee projects.

Don’t forget, there are lots of other ways to fundraise for us including taking on one of our  challenges, Share your Simcha, or any activity you would like to do. We will always give you loads of support and all the advice you need.

Evie’s Night In

This is a project set up to raise money for our overnight respite care in memory of Evie Bladon who sadly passed away in 2012. During her short lifetime, Camp Simcha were there to support Evie’s family. In turn, Evie’s parents, Lee and Sam, worked with Camp Simcha to set up Evie’s Night Owls – overnight respite care to provide opportunities for relief for parents of a child with a serious or life-threatening illness.

Hosting a ‘Night In’ could take the form of a dinner party, a kids’ hangout/playdate, a movie night or any form of social gathering – asking guests to donate to the project instead of brining gifts.

If you would like to host your own Evie’s Night In, please get in touch  so we can discuss all the details with you and will send you a pack containing everything you need.

Digital Detox

Our Digital Detox challenge was set up by a family previously supported by Camp Simcha as a great way for teens to give back. It simply involves them giving up their digital devices for 48 hours to raise money for Camp Simcha.

Imagine what you could do with all the time you spend posting on Instagram or sharing on Snapchat. Why not rise to the Camp Simcha Digital Detox challenge and ditch your phones, ipads and social media for 48 hours and spend your time helping others.

From volunteering at a soup kitchen to visiting an elderly neighbour or relative and doing their shopping, to doing more exercise or playing a good old-fashioned board game with a family member, there are plenty of fulfilling ways to spend your time off screens.

For more information and help setting up your Digital Detox, get in touch.