Please tell us about your time with Camp Simcha
Camp Simcha came to us when we needed them most. Our son was 4 years old when he was diagnosed with leukaemia, the day before he was due to start reception at a new school. Camp Simcha came to see us, explained how they could help and from that day they supported us the whole way through his treatment and beyond. They provided us with a Big Sister who was amazing with both Samuel and his younger sister Ella. We were also sent an art teacher every week. She was amazing providing creative fun for both the kids and allowing me to have an hour to make dinner or do household chores. Camp Simcha created the happiest of memories for us all. The memories for Samuel and Ella would have been awful if it hadn’t been for Camp Simcha giving us so much fun!

What Camp Simcha meant to us and our favourite memories
Camp Simcha threw the most fabulous parties with everything a child could want – there was always arts and crafts, bouncy castles and ALWAYS sweets!! The Retreats were epic and a chance to relax. When Samuel was in his intensive treatment it was his birthday. Of course he couldn’t have a big birthday party as he normally would, but Camp Simcha organised a wonderful entertainer for him and his sister and a couple of friends. Samuel said it was the best party he’d ever had! We are so grateful for everyone at Camp Simcha.

Where we are now
Samuel finished treatment in 2018. He’s now 12 and in year 8 of school. He loves football, table tennis and socialising with his friends. We feel so lucky to be where we are.

Why are you happy to be part of Camp Simcha alumni?
Yes! We felt Camp Simcha became part of our family and we became part of Camp Simcha.