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What is Project TouchPoints?

When a child is seriously ill, Camp Simcha can make the lives of all of their family so much easier and take away some of the stress they face every day. But we can only do this if they know about us and that we are here for all seriously ill children, from across the Jewish Community. Our TouchPoints Ambassadors project, thanks to the generous support of the Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation, achieves this by appointing and training Camp Simcha TouchPoints Ambassadors within every group, team, club and class that Jewish children belong to. The aim is to have a parent who is a representative of Camp Simcha in the right place at the right time.

Our TouchPoints Ambassadors will be our ‘eyes and ears’ at shuls, schools and nursery classes, cubs, scouts, brownie, guides, JLGB, sports programmes, football teams, parent & baby/toddler groups and youth groups, where ever parents are in touch with each other we’d like to have a TouchPoints ambassador to make sure no child who needs us slips through the net.

I’d like to become a Touchpoints ambassador, what will it involve?

We really won’t ask too much of your time, all we ask is that if you hear of a child with a serious illness you make sure Camp Simcha know about it.  You’ll receive training in order to learn more about the range of medical conditions that Camp Simcha supports, the services we provide, and to know how to refer families appropriately. We’ll also make sure you feel comfortable working within the boundaries of privacy and data protection laws.

Camp Simcha will bring together all TouchPoints Ambassadors in the course of the year as well as providing training seminars and ongoing communication to keep you updated with news from Camp Simcha.

The roles are not especially demanding of your time but are very important. The TouchPoints programme will significantly reduce the likelihood that families who need Camp Simcha will miss out on our support because they were never referred to the charity.

How do I become a Touchpoints Ambassador?

Please get in touch with Naomi at Camp Simcha in the first place so she can find out more about what area you’re in and what groups you have connections with to make sure we’re covering as many Touchpoints as possible in the community.
Once you have decided you would like to be an ambassador, please fill out this Touchpoints application form and send it back to Naomi who will then be in touch.