When they
need us most

This Rosh Hashanah we want to tell you about Otto – and how Camp Simcha has been there for his family when they needed us most.


At just 8 weeks old, Otto was diagnosed with Alagille Syndrome, a very rare condition impacting nearly all parts of the body.

Now aged 22 months, it primarily affects Otto’s liver and heart; he has chronic liver disease and is at risk of bleeding and malnutrition.
Camp Simcha came into the family’s life just after Otto’s diagnosis, providing bespoke care for the whole family – from hospital transport and crisis meals, to residential retreats and outings, to art and equine therapy for his sister Riva and brother Monty. Otto’s parents Mel and Lee have been told it is likely he will need a liver transplant in the next couple of years. But they know Camp Simcha will continue be there when they need us most – and throughout their journey.


For those suffering the devastating impact of serious childhood illness, Camp Simcha’s support can be the difference between coping or not, providing vital practical and therapeutic help, as well as uplifting services.

Please support us this Rosh Hashanah because we have to be there when families need us most.

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year.