We are now supporting more family members than ever

At Camp Simcha we are supporting more family members than ever, as parents are turning to us in crisis.

For many of these families coping with serious childhood illness, the rising cost of living following two very difficult pandemic years, is really hitting them hard. The care needs of a child with a complex medical condition puts a huge financial burden on parents who already have so much to worry about.

With your support we are able to continue providing vital practical and therapeutic help, as well as uplifting services to exhausted and distressed families.

Please hear our urgent plea this Rosh Hashanah and donate what you can so we can continue to be there for the hundreds of Jewish children and their families, who need our help.

Thank you.



“I’ll never forget sitting on the phone to my Family Liaison Officer Mandy, unloading all my stresses and worries and her telling me all the ways Camp Simcha could help. Without them I dread to think of how we’d have crawled our way to where we are now. Their support was vital.”

Nikki, Joey's mum (pictured above during and after treatment)