Hospital programme

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We offer various services in children’s wards to bring smiles to seriously ill children whatever their faith.


Balloon deliveries

Balloon deliveries to hospitals are a fantastic way to volunteer for Camp Simcha, especially if you have limited time available. Volunteers inflate special Camp Simcha balloons at our offices in Hendon, London and then drive them to a hospital ward. Balloon deliveries occur approximately three times a week, so volunteers can opt to do them as many or as few times as they like. The balloon deliveries serve a dual purpose of not only putting a smile on the face of a child who is stuck in a hospital bed feeling poorly, but also raising awareness about Camp Simcha in London’s major hospitals.

Toy Monkey Deliveries

Toy monkeys are delivered to hospitals on a frequent basis. Monkeys are collected from the Camp Simcha head office by volunteers and delivered in and around the hospital wards. The children who receive them say it puts a big smile on their faces.

Jewish Awareness

We train hospital staff to help them understand Jewish festivals and traditions. From delivering cheesecake at Shavuot to teaching staff about kashrut or shabbat, we want to ensure that hospital staff understand the Jewish way of life.

Toy Drive

Each year around 50 Jewish Primary Schools, Chederim and Kindergartens take part in the Camp Simcha Toy Drive. We deliver around 8000 toys to children in over 120 hospitals and hospices.
Volunteers collect toys from schools and bring them to the head office in Hendon. These toys then get sorted on our famous ‘Toy Drive packing day’ and get delivered to hospitals all over London. Find out more about Toy Drive and our Amazon Wish List here


Our hospital programme grows each year with more wonderful volunteers taking their time to deliver balloons and monkeys.
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