Ori's story

Making a difference together

One year-old Ori has pulmonary hypertension, a condition which means the blood pressure in his lungs is too high, putting a life-threatening strain on his heart.
He was diagnosed at five months old, after his parents Jess and Rafi had to administer CPR when they found him not breathing.

Ori is now on the waiting list for a double lung transplant – and the family live their lives waiting for the phone to ring. Camp Simcha has been here for them since shortly after Ori’s diagnosis – and will continue to be for as long as they need us.

Please watch Ori’s story.

We support children, from all across the UK, with over 50 different chronic, life-changing or life-threatening medical conditions, including genetic disorders, all types of cancer, muscular conditions, premature babies, gastro-intestinal conditions, serious mental health conditions, Type 1 Diabetes, serious surgery and many others. We are there for the whole family when a child is ill.

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