Health minister Jackie Doyle Price joined our supporters and MPs at
a Parliamentary reception to thank our donors and showcase the work we do.

The Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health said she was inspired
by the story of one of our parents Kerry Rosenfeld, who spoke of the
multi-faceted support Camp Simcha has given her whole family, since her son
Gavriel’s diagnosis with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 13 years ago.

Kerry said: “When your child is diagnosed out of the blue everything
changes and you have to adjust to a new normal… That’s where Camp Simcha
steps in, filling the gaps that living with a child with a serious life-long
medical condition leave, gaps that the system isn’t even aware of let alone
able to fill.”

The Minister said: “To hear Kerry’s story and just how much support she has
got from Camp Simcha, how can I fail to be anything other than inspired.
What really comes across is the charity’s family values… this is not just
a person-centred approach to care it is a real family-centred model.

“Kerry spoke of these ‘angels’ who have come in and supported her and her
family at a time that they need it most…  The ethos of Camp Simcha really
is that a problem shared is a problem halved.”

The Minister also referenced our annual seasonal Toy Drive which
last year saw some 10,000 toys distributed to children of all denominations
spending the festive season in hospital: “An initiative like that can really
put a smile on lots of children’s faces so thank you for everything you do
to make Christmas a nicer time for any child who is in the unfortunate
position of being in hospital at such a family time.”

MP for Hertsmere Oliver Dowden, who sponsored the event, said afterwards:
“It was a pleasure to sponsor and introduce the Camp Simcha’s event in
Parliament earlier this week. They do incredible work supporting children
with serious illnesses and it was impressive to see such an excellent
turnout for this cause, which I know enjoys broad and deep support across
the community. Congratulations to everyone involved in the organisation of
the event.”