In this week’s Jewish Chronicle, the Health supplement featured an article about our premature babies project. We’re very keen to spread the word that we are there for parents of very premature babies with the support of our nurse Caroline Dux.


“The service, like so much Camp Simcha does, is tailor-made to each family and their needs. Most importantly I am there to bridge that gap when a family leaves hospital. Having a very premature baby is very different to a full-term new-born, in terms of feeding, sleeping, etc. This can be very isolating for new parents.”

Caroline Dux, Neonatal Nurse UCH.

As well as Caroline’s support, our Premature Baby service can also help families while they are in hospital with practical help, from providing breast milk pumps or parking vouchers to sibling support or a night nurse for when they get home. For most families this will be a short-term support service to get them through those first few weeks. However, having Camp Simcha on hand from the outset means we can be there for families going forward – with our full range of services – if their needs are more long-term.

If you want to find out more about our premature babies service, please click here.