I’ve just come back from our second family Retreat. Every time I am lucky enough to be at Retreat it reminds me of the desperate need for what we do.

There are so many wonderful moments, but I can reflect on seeing children coming into retreat, looking frail and weak, and being transformed and excited through the energetic and devoted volunteers pumping action and happiness into them and creating the most special lifelong memories.

Each one of the children on retreat love every moment and it gives a positive and safe respite environment for all families, where parents can meet and gain strength from other people in similar situations.

I was speaking to a parent yesterday who told me about their son who is now post treatment but he still has a lot of struggles in life adjusting back to a new normality coping with the after effects of his illness. His Mum told me that coming to Camp Simcha for him is like coming home “it’s the only place he really feels he belongs”.

At  our first Retreat a few weeks ago, I watched a number of children with serious muscle conditions dancing in their wheelchairs in the middle of a circle of children and volunteers. A special Camp Simcha moment, where moments of pure joy push away the fears and challenges of serious illness for a few hours.

After three days of the most incredible Family Retreat we all feel so privileged to be a part of the magical Camp Simcha Family.