Camp Simcha is extending its services to families where children have suffered a serious accident or severe short-term illness.

The charity, which provides practical, therapeutic and emotional support services to families coping with serious childhood illnesses, will now be able to say yes to children who have had severe physical trauma requiring surgery or hospitalisation, as well as serious short-term illnesses which result in intensive care stays, such as meningitis.

“We have been providing unique, bespoke support to countless families with seriously ill children for over 25 years; extending our criteria to families in this traumatic situation is an obvious next step and will fit seamlessly with the work we already do,” explains Camp Simcha’s Head of Services Daniel Gillis.

“When a child suffers from an unexpected trauma or illness, even a short-term one, the whole family’s life can be turned upside down.

“While we hope all cases like these will have a positive outcome, the focused support Camp Simcha can offer can really help mitigate some of the impact for the family – and stabilise them through the trauma.

“We have supported a couple of families recently following trauma and emergency surgery.

“They were, of course, reeling from the shock of what had happened, but we were able to quickly put in place practical support such as hospital transport and crisis meals so that they could focus on their child’s recovery.

“They were given family liaison officers who arranged support for siblings including volunteers, therapeutic arts sessions and activities to keep them entertained, as well as treats and visitors to boost the child in hospital.

“We also arranged respite childcare to help make the hospital logistics manageable for the parents.

“Camp Simcha supported the families for a few months until life began to return to normal.”