This week in the UK it is Mental Health week and now during Covid-19 this has taken on a whole new meaning in itself.

We asked our Mental Health Family Liaison Team Lead, Gila to give us some thoughts. Here’s what she said:

“There is a multitude of information online and relevant articles that are easy to access for those that are just simply wanting to check that what they are experiencing is normal during these times and gain some suggestions to help them through.

The media also has been thoughtful and generous in the way they have reported on mental health issues and offering different suggestions on how we can make sure that we are looking after our wellbeing.

Try these top three suggestions that have been recognized as being significantly helpful to increase resilience during our current challenges.

1. Maintaining a structure and routine despite being at home.

2. Acts of kindness, helping others, have been reported to positively impact our immune system and our general wellbeing.

3. Connecting and spending (socially distanced) time with family members and friends.

If you feel you need more personalised support, there are charities out there that are waiting for your phone call.

Relief – is currently offering a 20 min free consultation with a qualified therapist – there is an international link which is or call 03333 44 55 95

Jami has an emergency help page, along with other support:-

Every mind Matters has top tips, information and signposting:-

It is well acknowledged that there is a huge negative impact on our mental health during this pandemic which is affecting all of us, regardless of our wellbeing history. It is helpful to remember that it isn’t just you, and that you are not alone. The theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Weeks is kindness. If we can be kind to others, we also need to remember to be kind to ourselves too.

We are delighted that we even through the Covid-19 pandemic, we are able to continue supporting the families that are currently part of our Mental Health project as well as take on new referrals that fit our criteria. We are also continuing to be in touch with other Mental Health charities and wellbeing officers in schools to see if they have families that fit the criteria of our project and that we can help support.”