My name is Naomi Cohen and I am the new Community Liaison Officer for Camp Simcha.

This is a brand new role, building relationships with key people at Jewish schools, shuls, nurseries, youth movements and chedarim, to encourage referrals to Camp Simcha. My job is to raise awareness of Camp Simcha, across the whole Jewish spectrum and to tell teachers and other professionals about the full range of medical conditions that we support the fantastic services that we can offer to their families.

It’s been satisfying to see them realise that we are different from other charities; our wonderful Family Liaison Officers give amazing support day and night, and we work to put together a package of care to suit every family’s needs.

We recently had a referral from a synagogue member; it’s great to know that a new family is being helped by Camp Simcha because I had spoken to the synagogue social worker. I spend a lot of time phoning, emailing, visiting and presenting to rabbis, teachers, and other members of staff to make sure that they think of Camp Simcha immediately on hearing about a family in crisis.

In my previous role at Jewish Women’s Aid, I was responsible for the toilet door awareness raising campaign (putting posters in ladies’ toilets in Jewish communal buildings) and promoting JWA’s training about domestic abuse for teachers, and later for pupils at Jewish secondary schools about safe dating and healthy relationships.

I have 2 boys aged 12 & 15, enjoy cycling and cooking and my role as vice-chair at Woodside Park Synagogue.

If you know anyone at a shul, cheder or school that you think I should meet, please don’t hesitate to email me