You may know about the vital ways we support our families, from providing transport to the many hospital appointments they face, to our gorgeous dogs helping them through the stressful times with animal assisted therapy. But it’s not just the big things, the emotional, practical and therapeutic services and the ongoing 24/7 care from our Family Liaison Officers, it’s the little things, the tiny details that Camp Simcha thinks of to make life a little easier for our families and to bring smiles to children’s faces.

From the minute a family becomes part of our Camp Simcha family, they receive a little box of treats welcoming them. A Camp Simcha teddy, a yoyo and other treats, they may be small, but they send a clear message, welcome to our family.

On birthdays, Chanukah and other family events we send personalised cards and gifts to children and when parents face a hospital stay we send our thoughtful hospital bags, with all the things a mum may need, from toothbrushes to hair bobbles, so they don’t need to worry about little things and can focus on their child. Our wonderful volunteers write the cards and pack the hospital bags making sure every child and family know we are thinking about them and taking care of the little things as well as the big things.

Our FLOs get texts and messages like the one below, every day from grateful parents who appreciate those thoughtful details,

Thank you so much, this past week has been so awful…Sophia really suffers silently, telling her that there is someone who understands how hard this is for you and has arranged a treat is all the cure that she needs… thank you a million times over for being such a support during this terrible time