Following the busy high holy days, we’ve had 6 new referrals of seriously ill children who need our help. The reasons for the referrals differ amongst each family, but to give you an example, we have been to see a family who had a seriously premature baby, a child with muscular conditions, a child who needed intense medical care following a serious burn and another family with seriously ill children who are in desperate need of respite care. Camp Simcha has been there for all of them.

As ever, our initial meetings with each of these families allowed us to allocate the right Family Liaison Officer for the family and from that very moment, our essential services such as hospital transport, Big Brother and Sister volunteers support as well as days out to Chessington, have been helping to make a difference to our families lives. As well as all of this, some of our Camp Simcha families have received essential respite care through our Evie’s Night Owls project and recent events such as our Evie’s Night Owls Quiz ensure services like respite care can continue.

As one of our mums recently told us: ”We wouldn’t be where we are today without Camp Simcha’s help. All the services have been amazing, but the respite care has been invaluable. His condition has meant that we need to watch him 24/7 and without the lifeline of respite I don’t know how we would’ve coped.”