A Camp Simcha mum was invited to her first cousin’s wedding in Long Island, New York this summer. After working out that it was going to be a 5 day round trip and despite having never been to New York or seeing her family for a long time, she declined the invite, the same way that she had declined many other arrangements and invites for the past 13 years since her only daughter was born with severe complex needs. She didn’t have the money for childcare and her husband would not be able to look after their daughter for this length of time.
After a few days of feeling very despondent, the mum received a message from her Camp Simcha Family Liaison Officer, who, although did not know about the wedding invite, got in touch to offer 3 days of childcare cover for the summer holidays. This meant that the Camp Simcha Dad could now cope  with the extra help of a carer and meant that mum could now go to New York!
Just another example of our amazing Camp Simcha Family Liaison Officers and how they often know what our families need before they do.