Camp Simcha’s board of trustees will be completing a 26-mile challenge on Sunday to help raise some of the funds lost due to the cancellation of the London Marathon and other events.

With each trustee taking on a share of the total 26-mile marathon distance, the group are rising to the London Marathon #TwoPointSixChallenge, which calls on the nation to find innovative ways to help charities recoup vital income which the annual event usually brings in.

The challenge can be anything based around the number 26, big or small scale, as long as it is within the Government guidelines. From running around the balcony or garden for 2.6 miles, doing 26 press ups with the dog on your back to flipping a pancake 26 times.

Camp Simcha chair of Trustees Julian Taylor is hoping the group’s ‘marathon’ team effort will inspire others to take part.

“With the cancellation of the marathon and other sponsored challenges, Camp Simcha stands to lose over £60,000,” says Mr Taylor. “The families the charity supports have children in extremely vulnerable situations. Many of our parents are terrified and struggling to cope when so much of their support network has fallen away. They can rely on Camp Simcha to be there for them. As a charity, we need to make sure we keep raising the funds to support them not only now but well into the future.

“The world may have changed but sadly children are still being diagnosed with serious and life-threatening illnesses; Camp Simcha is receiving new referrals every week and demand for our hospital transport, safe night-time respite care, crisis meals and therapeutic services, among everything else we do, has risen dramatically in the last month.

“The 2.6 Challenge is a fantastic idea from the team at the London Marathon. It really captured our imagination and we hope others will feel the same. Every bit of support helps.”

For more information on how to take part click here  or if you need support with 2.6 Challenge ideas or setting up a fundraising page contact Laurie.