The Care Necessities, A hug from home

Our project, The Care Necessities, provides a practical care package for those who have been admitted into Great Ormond Street Hospital for urgent cancer treatment.

‘The Care Necessities’ was inspired by the experience of one of our Camp Simcha families.

In 2014, Samuel, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 4 and was treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

His mum Charlie said: “When Samuel was diagnosed, our whole world fell apart. We were thrown into a world we’d never wanted to be in..the scary, unfamiliar world of hospitals and treatment and we were totally devastated and unprepared.”

Thankfully he finished treatment in 2018, and inspired by his experience we are now launching ‘The Care Necessities’. Samuel’s parents wanted to make sure that the incredibly stressful time they faced in hospital is made easier for other families.

“We arrived in hospital after Samuel’s diagnosis of Leukaemia, we had no time or headspace to think what we would need for the coming weeks. We were fortunate to have friends and family close by to fetch and carry for us, but not everyone has this luxury. After seeing family after family arriving in the wards in a similar situation to us, we thought about how we could help provide families with what they would need for their stay. We didn’t want to just help with the logistics of how they were going to get what they needed, but also to provide the families with little luxuries, something familiar, something comfortable, A Hug From Home.”


What’s included in The Care Necessities package?

Each care package costs £100 and includes:

A comforting, warm blanket

A selection of toiletries for the child and their parents

Gorgeous pyjamas

The suitcases have kindly been donated.

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