About Us

Camp Simcha provides a range of practical and emotional support services to families coping with serious childhood illness.

When a child is diagnosed with a serious or life-threatening illness the whole family’s world is shattered.


Camp Simcha helps the whole family

It is not just the child and their parents who are impacted, but also siblings, grand-parents and extended family as overnight their world changes and ‘normal’ family life is wiped out. This is where Camp Simcha steps in with its wide range of over 20 practical, emotional and therapeutic support services which are specifically designed to help put families back together again.

How do we help?

The charity now has 13  family liaison officers delivering 8,500 hours of care per year to 1,000 family members they directly support. With its hospital programmes its services impact the lives of over 8,000 children throughout the UK.

How many families do we help?

In the past 12 months, Camp Simcha’s services team has made over 7,000 support calls throughout the UK; provided 2,500 hospital transport journeys, over 1,000 sessions of home-based art therapies, 500 counselling sessions and set up 80 packages of respite care.

Bringing light into lives.

Equally important is the charity’s fantastic programme of retreats, parties and events for all the family.

It runs on average 25 events for families each year, as well as 4 annual retreats catering for over 600 people. These powerful positive experiences provide brief periods of joy and normality that help keep families together during a time of extreme stress and turmoil.