Treehouse at Number 9

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Camp Simcha have recently partnered with The Treehouse at Number 9.

As well as coping with the daily challenges, ill children face the difficulty that other children do not understand that they may look or act differently. Treehouse at Number 9 is a musical ebook and resource website which focuses on a team of friends called The Genies, a group of ordinary heroes who happen to have some differences.

We have been delivering a schools project designed by the team at Treehouse at Number 9.  We have bespoke images created for us which use the power of stories through the Treehouse characters, to celebrate and create understanding about differences amongst children.

We head into classrooms with a literacy session, which runs for about 50 minutes. We begin by reading the Meet the Genies story to the whole class, and then the children are split into groups, often according to reading ability.  Each group has one Genies character and their adventure to read, and they then discuss what this character is great at, and what skills may be in their learning and challenge zones.

The session ends with an explanation of what lies behind each of the Genies characters and the whole thing inspires the class to recognise that we are “all a little different from our toes up to eyelids”

We are very excited to partner with The Treehouse at Number 9 for their launch of their first hardback books in the series.

Read more about the history of The Treehouse at Number 9 on our blog.

If you’d like to find out more about this please get in touch now.