Rosh Hashanah Appeal


When Ari was born three years ago, with a serious heart condition, his family’s lives changed overnight. With hospital stays, doctors’ appointments and many operations, the family turned to Camp Simcha for crucial support.

Without Camp Simcha, Ari’s familys life would have been very different.

Rifka, Ari’s mum said “They support our whole family, not just the children but my husband and I as well. The girls feel special because Camp Simcha is in our lives. My girls have their own volunteer ‘Big Sister’ Sara who visits them every week. They adore her and she gives them loads of attention, often when we can’t.

They go to a Sibling Art Group, which they absolutely love. It’s good for them to be with other children who relate to what they are going through. The art teacher, Claire, has got to know the girls and always knows what to say to them. We also always look forward to Camp Simcha’s annual retreat – three days with other families enjoying fun activities; with relaxation and respite for us, with all Ari’s medical needs catered for.

Ari and family

Over the summer, we have continued to support more families, not just Ari’s. We are there come rain or shine for them, to ensure they are getting any service they may need. Our annual summer camp, Keshet, ran through out the summer, for those children unable to attend other summer schemes due to their medical conditions. Just one way to help bring some joy back into their lives.

Ari, who is doing well, will hopefully start school this term. He is on the waiting list for another procedure, so the family are in limbo again at the moment. But knowing Camp Simcha is there, ready to help if they have to drop everything, really helps them.

Thank you for enabling Camp Simcha to give vital support to families like Ari’s this Rosh Hashanah.

We wish you and your family a Shana Tova.