Pesach Appeal

For many of the families we support, every week is a constant challenge. Multiple hospital appointments, treatments and the needs of their seriously ill children all need to be juggled, before they can even think about the rest of their family, let alone prepare for Pesach.

Our Family Liaison Officers are here to make that journey a little easier by making sure each family they support receives whatever they need, be it a few hours respite, transport to hospital, counselling or family therapy or simply a visit from a Big Brother or Sister volunteer to brighten the day for a frightened and isolated child.


Just one of the many thank you messages our Family Liaison Officers receive every day…

“Thank you, thank you, thank you..the break you arranged for us was so amazing..the best treat anyone could have given us. You knew what we needed before we did. I feel like a different person, ready to start the week full of appointments.”


Camp Simcha offers a full range of services to each family tailored according to their individual and evolving needs. And now, in partnership with other Jewish community organisations, we will be expanding our reach to do So Much More for families dealing with a child suffering from a serious mental health condition. The demand for our vital services will be even higher, but with no government funding, we rely entirely on the community’s support to enable us to meet the growing need for our expertise and care.

This Pesach, your generosity will enable us to continue to do So Much More for children and families facing one of over 50 serious physical illnesses as well as those with a serious mental health condition.

Please donate below.
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