Pesach Appeal


Joey is just one of the many children we support.

When Joey was diagnosed with the muscle wasting disease Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy at 18 months, it wasn’t only his life that lay in pieces. It was his parents’, his sister’s and his grandparents’ too.

“There is no medical treatment to make him better or help improve his life, but Camp Simcha gives the best prescription possible to my son, it makes him smile.” Tony – Joey’s dad

For Joey and all of his family Camp Simcha is so much more than the loving care from their Family Liaison Officer Daniella, who is always there for them. So much more than simply the wonderful fun they have at Retreat. We offer a full package of 24/7 support to each family, tailored to their individual needs.


Watch Joey’s film to find out how Camp Simcha has supported all of his family.

“Camp Simcha has made a huge difference to our lives. It’s been a taste of what normal life could be…it’s special, and when you see your child smile it makes you smile.” Tracey – Joey’s mum

Right now more than 1000 children, siblings and parents are relying on us. But we can’t do it alone. We hope you enjoyed Pesach with your family, please don’t forget to support ours.
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