Camp Simcha’s Norwegian Expedition

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Fjords, Rivers and Glacier Lakes:

Introducing our brand new challenge for 2020…Our Norwegian Expedition. Final dates to be confirmed, Spring/Summer 2020.

Experience beautiful fjords, mountains and views over 4 breathtaking days of trekking.


Optional weekend in Oslo – Arriving into Oslo International Airport


Optional Shabbat:

  • Team Shabbaton
  • Free time to explore Oslo
  • Accommodation: Hotel

Day 1 – Transfer to Bergen – If not participating in weekend Shabbaton – Arriving into Bergen International Airport to meet the rest of the team.

  • Train to Bergen. One of the most majestic and scenic ways to see Norway, the train from Oslo to Bergen is famous for going across 2,755 bridges and 733 tunnels.

As Lonely Planet describes the train journey: “Anywhere else, the Bergensbanen, or Bergen Line would be heralded as a wonder of the world. Here, it’s a matter-of-fact way of linking the country’s two most important cities.”

  • Transfer From Voss to Uskadalen in the beautiful Norwegian Fjords
  • Acclimation hike; we are treated to Snowy Mountains, Water Falls, and Lakes.
  • Accommodation: Cabins (3 person and 2 person)

Day 2:- Trek: Ulvanåso

  • Rosendal Hike, Geitadalstind- You will enjoy the scenery from the glacier to the open ocean. Towards the north you can see spectacular views of Bergen Mountains, such as Ulriken (Bergen’s tallest mountain)
  • Accommodation: Cabins (3 person and 2 person)

Day 3:- Hike Manen to Englafjell in Uskedalen

  • Another challenging day as we hike up the Mannen which translates as “The Man”. This trail leads through pine forests to tundra, with a truly memorable chance to take a dip in a glacier lake. We summit “The Man” and are rewarded with views of Fjords, Mountains, and the Ocean.
  • Accommodation: Cabins (3 person and 2 person)

Day 4: – Goodbye to the Fjords, Rivers, and Glacier Lakes

  • Hike: Melderskinn: before saying our last farewell to the small picturesque villages of Norway, we set out on our last hike up the “The Queen”. We are invited into the Queen’s realm by views of waterfalls and snow-capped mountains. Ferry transfer to Bergen
  • Accommodation: Bergen Hotel where we will celebrate your amazing accomplishment

Day 5: – Depart back to UK from Bergen International Airport


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How to Apply for the Norwegian Expedition:

Step 1:

Read the fundraising options  and download your application form here.

Step 2:

Pay your registration fee here.

Step 3:

Set up your fundraising page and start raising money and promoting your challenge.

Step 4:

Share your page with family and friends. We’ll give you resources and images to share on your Facebook to help you spread the word and raise lots of money.

Step 5:

Keep in touch and let us know how your training and fundraising efforts are going, send us pictures and share your updates with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We’ll support you all the way.
Want to find out more about this trek of a lifetime? Get in touch with Laurie now on or 020 8202 9297.


Want to join the challenge of a lifetime?