Support for Siblings

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When a child is sick, siblings are often the forgotten sufferers.


Even when stressed parents and extended family do a fantastic job trying to make life as normal as possible, siblings can still suffer in silence. Often unable to express their feelings, children can experience serious anxiety issues that manifest themselves in ways such as bed-wetting or difficult behaviour.

Camp Simcha Big Brother & Sister volunteers may be allocated specifically to siblings. The extra attention that dedicated volunteers bring can go a long way to easing some of those feelings, ensuring that every child in the family feels special.

Parents benefit tremendously from knowing that the extra attention they have to give to the sick child is being balanced to some extent by these wonderful volunteers.

Most or our services and events are open to the sick child and their siblings.

We also have a therapeutic art session especially for siblings and in 2017, we introduced our siblings after school club.

Counselling can also be arranged for siblings who are struggling to cope emotionally with their brother or sister being seriously ill.

Practical and emotional support for every member of the family