Therapeutic Arts at Home

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Many of the children that Camp Simcha help spend long periods isolated at home and in hospital as a result of their condition.


These periods can be very difficult for both child and parents to cope with. The Arts at Home Programme provides children with constructive and therapeutic sessions of arts and crafts, drama, dance and music facilitated for them in the comfort of their own home, and sometimes in hospital, by a qualified teacher or therapist. The children create, get messy and enjoy the interaction. Often if the child is in an isolation ward and is not allowed into the hospital communal play areas, this is their only opportunity for such activity.

We can also arrange for Camp Simcha tutors to make home visits to support children with school work whilst they cope with illness and hospital stays.

Did you know: Each year 960 art sessions are delivered to Camp Simcha children by therapists and art teachers.

'They say that laughter is the best medicine. That's exactly what Camp Simcha art teacher, Belinda Glyn brings with her, along with a big bag of art supplies and a range of creative activities which can distract a child from distressing treaments or provide an escape from difficult days or weeks'