Support for families

It’s often the things we take for granted that weigh so heavily for parents coping with a sick child. We offer the following services to help take the strain from families.

Hospital Transport

Treatments and clinic appointments often take place in hospitals in town that are difficult to get to. Every parent knows how stressful these appointments are even without having to travel by public transport.
The Camp Simcha hospital transport programme is designed to ease that pressure at such a stressful time by providing registered and insured taxi companies.

Food and Household Support

Cleaning to keep the house straight or a hot meal can make a huge difference to the family and when the parents have spent all day in hospital. Our Family Liaison Officers can arrange any of these things to take the worry away from the family.

Specialist Equipment

We provide individuals with special pieces of equipment such as a chair for a child with uncontrolled pain, or a Braille Monopoly set.

Benefits and Grants Advice

Our benefits advisor can give advice and support, cutting through the red tape to help parents access benefits

Home School Tuition

Camp Simcha tutors make home visits to support children with school work whilst they cope with illness and hospital stays.


We do over 1000 hospital transport journeys per year