Camp Simcha USA

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Some of our children get the opportunity to attend a trip of a lifetime for 2 weeks to Camp Simcha in the Catskill Mountains USA. The purpose-built campus has a fully equipped hospital on site, staffed by senior specialists, doctors and nurses.


Each child travels with their own English volunteer who will be with them 24/7 throughout the trip. Each group of children is accompanied on the journey by a Camp Simcha nurse.

Children return from camp with great strength and the self-belief that comes from being in an environment where everybody has similar challenges, often supporting each other in overcoming some of these.

For families that need to travel to other countries for treatments, we can arrange contacts or support abroad.

‘At first I thought “I’m not going to let my 6 year old child, who has been so sick, go so far away”. Then I realised my anxiety should not stop him having fun after all he had been through. My oldest son went with him as a volunteer and they had such an unbelievable experience that both of them have come back different people. After my son’s first 6 months of treatment had ended, he went back to school and he started being bullied. Camp Simcha in America made him feel so good about himself, that when he returned to school after he was able to stand up to the bullies.’

‘Camp has been the most incredible experience for Joey….it has given him the confidence to believe in himself….Camp Simcha we can’t thank you enough….you provide these brave special children with the time of their life…
Thank you for another great Camp….in Joey’s words once again U Smashed it Camp Simcha!!!’

This year we sent 15 Camp Simcha Children to enjoy an unforgettable, medically supervised overnight camp experience at Camp Simcha USA. Over 450 seriously ill children attend and return home reinvigorated, with deep friendships and happy memories to help them travel the rough road ahead.