Isolation Challenges

Don't let Lockdown stop you doing a challenge

During lock-down, you or someone you know may be thinking, how can I make the most out of this time at home? Is there something I can do to make it more meaningful? Maybe a challenge or learning a new skill that you have never had time to do before? Well now is the perfect time…
The Camp Simcha team would love to support you in fundraising for your ‘Isolation Challenge’. We have compiled a few ideas below but would love to hear any innovative ideas you have too.

woman doing a plank

Physical Challenges

  • 5km/ 10km/ half marathon/ marathon in your garden
  • Hike in the house – 100 times up and down the stairs
  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 100 squats
  • Hula-hoop for 3 hours
  • Skipping rope for 2 hours
  • Keepy-upy challenge
  • Bounce a tennis ball on your racket, sponsor by the hour

Other challenges

  • Gaming for Good! – Do you or someone you know like to play video games? FIFA? Call of Duty? Warzone? Fortnite? Minecraft? Then why not game for Good Cause?
    – Organise a Gaming Tournament and donate to enter
    – Organise a Gaming Marathon! Stream so your supporters to join the fun
  • Cleanathon: Sponsor your children to clean the house! Get the chores done and help raise money for a good cause!
  • Grow or shave your beard/hair for charity
  • Read a target number of books
  • Give up something you enjoy
  • Sponsored silence
  • Organise a virtual event with your friends and family and donate to participate!
  • Make a virtual quiz or dinner party
  • Teach or learn a new skill – perhaps a language or an instrument
  • Do a mitzvah for someone who may need some extra help through this period of isolation
  • Enter Camp Simcha’s new competition Camp Simcha-Vision!!! – Persuade and teach a parent to learn and perform a TikTok or write and record an isolation song or poem (solo or with your family) – Make an online Camp Simcha donation and Camp Simcha will feature it on social media. Encourage people to like and share your video along with a £2 donation. At the end of isolation, the video with the most social media “likes” will win a special Camp Simcha prize!

Neville's Isolation Beard Challenge

Our CEO Neville has started his own Isolation Challenge by growing his beard until he is allowed out of isolation.
You can Support his fundraising at his JustGiving page here

Got Questions?

Get in touch with Laurie now

So what are you waiting for? Make your isolation count – get in touch with Laurie our Challenges Coordinator who will support you and give you loads of fundraising ideas.

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