Samuel’s story

CS_Pesach_Facebook ads3 CS_Pesach_Facebook ads5Samuel’s parents first noticed something was wrong when they were on holiday in Spain, he was feeling very sick and had pains in his leg. Just a few weeks later they were told that Samuel had Leukaemia

The explained to Samuel that he was going to need medicine to take away the leukemia but it is also going to mean that his hair is going to fall out. He said to his mum, Charlie, “but mummy if my hair falls out I won’t be Samuel anymore”.

Charlie and Oliver describe the challenges of the next few weeks and months. “Our lives were turn upside down. We would have to leave the hospital with the guilt that we were leaving but then the guilt that we were not at home with our other little one and then coming home was very hard because I’d be going to get Samuel more clothes and his bedroom would be empty. That feeling will remain with me forever I think, thinking is he going to come back to this home.”

But then their friends told them to call Camp Simcha, ” When we got in touch with Camp Simcha, that relief, we almost felt like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders.”

“Sarah is our family liaison officer. I really clicked with her straight away, she is such a lovely person, very very kind, she was always there whatever we need.

Camp Simcha also provided us with big sisters who Samuel and his sister Ella adore it’s just made their life a lot lot happier.”

One of the people that they provided was an art teacher called Belinda, who made the hugest amount of difference. Every week she came round, it meant that I could go off and do what I needed to do and he would just be in this world of making whatever he wanted to make.

Ella doesn’t remember holidays because she hasn’t been aboard since she was 2. Her holidays are Camp Simcha so their retreats or they go to the parties and she always when are we going back to Camp Simcha, when are we going, when are we going. And this is why I feel Camp Simcha is so important. Camp Simcha manages to pull people together and we all have so much in common.




Camp Simcha has given our children joy in their day, especially Samuel. They are now an extended family and we are so grateful to everything they have done and continue to do because without Camp Simcha, our days would have been a lot darker.