Digital Detox


What is a Digital Detox?

Give up your digital devices for 48 hours and use the extra time to do something useful whilst raising money for Camp Simcha at the same time.

Imagine what you could do in 48 hours with all the time you spend posting on Instagram or sharing on Snapchat. Ditch your phones, ipads and social media for 48 hours and spend your time helping others.

You could use the hours you normally spend trying different Instagram filters to make soup at a soup kitchen. Or how about visiting an elderly neighbour or relative and doing their shopping instead of worrying about your Snapchat streaks. You could even use the time to do more exercise, go out running, walk the dog or go for a swim.

digital-detox-adam digital-detox-noah

Adam’s using his time to help at a soup kitchen, whilst Noah and Aaron are going shopping for an elderly neighbour.

Why don’t you join Adam, Aaron  and Noah and do something amazing too?

We’ll help you set up a fundraising page and then you can ask your friends and family to sponsor you.

Amazing, how do I get involved?

1. Let us know that you’d like to do a digital detox by emailing Ellie.

2. We can give you a personalised poster to send to your friends and family to explain what a digital detox is.

3. Choose your 48 hours and decide how you’re going to use your time well.

4. Set up your fundraising page, we can help you do this too.

5. GO FOR IT!! Digital detox time!

6. Send us photos to share on social media during and after your detox.


Support our Digital Detoxers here

Please support all of our digital detoxers here or email to find out how you can sign up