Respite Care Programme

When parents have a child with a complex medical condition, it can be difficult, sometimes impossible, to get a night’s sleep, have time for a rest or for parents to enjoy an evening out together. An occasional night’s sleep – or even a few hours break- can make the difference between coping or not.

The Respite Care programme offers parents a lifeline in these circumstances. We can provide a properly qualified carer to look after the child for a night, or for part of a day to allow parents the chance to have a little time for themselves. For families with siblings, we can also provide specially trained baby sitters in addition to the qualified carer to enable parents to attend a Simcha, or even to simply have an evening together in peace.

The carer was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and warm. She picked up Eli’s cues very quickly and was even able to feed him (which is practically unheard of for a “stranger”). This allowed us as a family to have a night’s sleep knowing that Eli was being looked after in a safe setting. It felt wonderful to be able to shower Josh and Ana with the attention for a change. It was only one night but it was a much needed and lovely break.”

"A night of respite meant everything to us when our world starting falling apart"

A Camp Simcha Parent