Family Liaison Officers

Camp Simcha Family Liaison Officers (FLOs) are available 24/7 to provide parents with emotional and practical support.

Whether you have very little support or are surrounded by friends and family, coping with a child suffering from a serious medical condition can be isolating. A Camp Simcha FLO is there for you and you alone, whether you need practical support, advice, or just somebody to talk to when things are tough. They are trained to provide unconditional care and support, designed to suit your individual needs, but they are not social workers and there are no forms to complete.

We never pretend that we know how it feels, but our FLOs have years of experience working with families in similar circumstances.

Two recent incidents from our FLO’s show just how much love and care they have for every family they deal with. They bring the warmth and family feeling of all Camp Simcha’s work to their every interaction with their families.

I had a call late on a rainy Sunday night from a family who tube feed their child and blend the food in a Vitamix as it’s the smoothest way of ensuring it doesn’t block the tube. The machine had broken and they were desperate to get the feed done. I contacted a couple of families who I thought had a vitamix. Located one and the family we’re willing to lend it for 24 hours. I collected it ( in my tracksuit!!) and took it to the family. They insisted I came in to see them blend the feed. They were very happy and the other family felt they had been able to help

A child was rushed to Hospital urgently in ambulance. Mum jumped in the ambulance with no coat just her bag. Messaged me late that evening to let me know and mentioned in passing she was in A&E herself as she had a major nosebleed. She was alone so I said I insisted on coming and would find her ( child was upstairs in ward). She said she was cold so I said I would bring her a jacket. Took about an hour to find her as she was being seen but sat with her and held her hand while she had nose quarterized. I waited with her and we went up to check the child was settled ( he had a carer) and then I took her home and saw her into her house. The husband was away on business.

If you would like to find out more about how a family liaison officer could help or any of our other services for parents, please contact Neville Goldschneider confidentially on 020 8202 9297.

"We promise to be there for parents whenever they need us and for as long as it takes"
Samantha, Family Liaison Officer