Coastal Freedom Trail 2017

| 16 Jul 2017

Join us for a remarkable journey through the Coastal Freedom Trail
16-21 July 2017

Follow in the footsteps of history with Camp Simcha as we embark on the Coastal Freedom Trail – one of the most travelled route across the Pyrenees used by the men, women and children attempting to flee the Nazis during WW2.

Inspiring us on our journey will be the accounts of those who had no choice but to chart this trail and also importantly, the stories of Camp Simcha families we are supporting.

Our 72 kilometer journey over four days is full of variety and will be a real challenge in the heat of the summer, reaching altitudes of up to 700 meters.

If you want to find out more or sign up for this once in a lifetime challenge, please email: Sarah Jayne 

Download Coastal Freedom Trail brochure now.